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Black Mountain Investment Group is a multifaceted investment manager that builds, operates, and invests in public and private companies and organizations. 

Our conglomerate’s investment arm is an open-ended hedge fund called The Jupiter Fund. 

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The Jupiter Fund

An actively managed, quantitative emerging technology fund with an emphasis on the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. 

Mobile App

Flight GPS

No cellular iPad? No problem! A mobile app designed for the aviation industry providing pilots with real-time flight information and updates.

Mobile App

AvFuel Converter

A Top #200 Utility App on the App Store that saves time and money on fuel costs while improving overall flight efficiency.



A boutique consulting firm that provides people and businesses with tips, tricks, and custom solutions to grow and operate more efficiently.



An education site featuring the latest blockchain news and helping educate users about cryptocurrencies and other emerging technologies.

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Embark on a journey of positive habits like breath work and daily affirmations with our beautiful and intuitive wellness coach. 

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Building a Brighter Future

Investing in blockchain protocols is fundamentally different than companies for a multitude of reasons: there’s no central authority, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and there’s a constant anxiety of government regulation. Despite these challenges, our team is bullish on a brighter future we can achieve by building, operating, and investing in the intersection of finance and technology.


Whether we are the first user providing immediate liquidity or the millionth on an established chain, our traders & analysts become part of the community.


Our developers actively contribute on Github, raising new issues and opening pull requests for the protocol. We are eager to build a better protocol.


Our team of experienced analysts use a combination of both traditional and cutting-edge research methodologies to gather data and analyze market trends.

Voting & Governance

We proudly run validator nodes and active nominators to provide network safety and lead protocols in the right direction to ensure the success of our portfolio.

User Analytics

Our proprietary analytics platform tracks and analyzes our clients’ interactions with our platform, including their investment patterns, risk tolerance, and overall investment goals.


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