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CTO, Co-founder

Kyle Niedzwiecki

Kyle started investing in the cryptocurrency space back in 2013 when he discovered free Litecoin & Dogecoin faucets on the internet. By 2017, he had read the code for nearly every cryptocurrency in existence and had gained extensive experience with blockchain technology and cryptography. At the ripe age of 17, he had enough technical understanding of distributed computing systems to release his first cryptocurrency and recognize ETH as the leading “up and coming” crypto asset. Kyle has also created several small DeFi projects and is still actively providing improvement proposal recommendations to the Ethereum ecosystem via GitHub. In addition, he is a smart contract developer and works directly with the EthDev team. He also holds a “Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum” (CBDE) Certificate. Kyle attended University of Arizona to study Computer Science until he decided to take a leave of absence and pursue his journey in the cryptocurrency sector. Finding a particular interest at the crossroads between blockchain technology and finance, he founded a global, highly active cryptocurrency trading community called “Easy Loot.” Easy Loot® provides members with top quality educational financial material as well as meaningful insights into the cryptocurrency and stock markets, which is aggregated into a self-built platform where all members can share their thoughts and ideas with each other freely. Not only has Easy Loot’s platform equipped members with knowledge and created life changing wealth for some of them (without ever asking for a penny in return), but it has also established camaraderie and respect in the crypto community. Kyle’s technical analysis setups often appear on the front page of TradingView, a super-charting platform and social network for traders and investors, where he has a sizeable following and is recognized as a top 25 contributor to the network. Kyle hopes to continue bridging the gap between technology and finance while being a positive financial influence on investors new and old.