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Sam Levine

Sam attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for one year his receiving his FAA-certified instrument rating, before he decided to take a step away from pursing his passion of becoming a commercial pilot, and landed the first ever Analyst internship with SOLJETS, a well-respected private jet brokerage firm in early 2021. 

During Sam’s time at SOLJETS, he was able to integrate his widespread knowledge of the field, develop valuable skills including data interpretation and market analyzation techniques as well as a detailed understanding of how businesses operate in general. He was able to incorporate parts of the analytical skills he learned from flipping cars directly into the private jet market. In addition to the data and analytical side of the internship. Sam was able to gain direct experience interacting with high-net-worth clients and playing an integral role in aircraft deliveries. 

After the incredible experience at SOLJETS, Sam again wanted to further challenge himself in the business world and began his position at Fund Launch, a company that helps people start, launch, and scale private investment funds. Sam was brought onto the Consulting and Sales team, where he worked with clients directly to assist them in launching and scaling their funds. Over the course of five months, Sam brought in over half a million dollars in revenue for the company. After about nine months with Fund Launch, Sam decided to bring his knowledge of funds, high touch experience with clients, and passion for building incredible businesses to Black Mountain. He is now a founding Partner and excited to provide insight, learn, and work with the team to expand in various markets and asset classes.