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Luxury Rally Club Taps Black Mountain Investment Group to Launch New Digital Initiative

Luxury Rally Club (LRC), the leading luxury automotive experience company, announces a collaboration with multifaceted investment manager Black Mountain Investment Group (BMIG). The joint initiative aims to leverage the power of digital platforms to enhance networking opportunities and provide exclusive benefits to its esteemed members.

Company Showcase: Black Mountain Investment Group

Welcome to the Startup Showcase by, where we highlight emerging companies at the forefront of the finance industry. In this edition, we bring you Black Mountain Investment Group, a dynamic startup based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Black Mountain Investment Group offers a unique blend of investment management and business consulting services, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in the fast-paced world of finance.

US Venture Showcase: Black Mountain Investment Group

Black Mountain Investment Group (BMIG) is a Utah-based investment manager that specializes in advising on, investing in and helping to scale innovative businesses and funds across various industries and platforms. With a team of highly experienced professionals who can provide strategic guidance and insights, BMIG offers a range of services to help entrepreneurs, startups and institutions achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Unveiling Utah’s Internet Innovators – Exploring 15 Cutting-Edge Startups

Coinucation is a website featuring the latest news in blockchain technology and provides educational resources on cryptocurrencies. They aim to educate individuals about the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, empowering them to make informed decisions in the digital asset space.

Exploring the Internet Frontier: – Utah’s Trailblazing Internet Startups

Coinucation is a website featuring the latest news in blockchain technology and education on cryptocurrencies. Coinucation equips users with the information they need to stay informed and make informed decisions in the fast-paced world of blockchain.

Black Mountain Investment Group Unveils Skatedex, a Skatepark Social Directory

Black Mountain Investment Group unveils Skatedex, one of the world’s largest skatepark directories. The directory features over 10,000 unique skateparks and the ability to search in never-before-seen ways. Black Mountain Investment Group is a fast-growing technology company that builds and invests in revolutionary tech.

Black Mountain Investment Group Announces Its Acquisition of Flight GPS, Expanding Its Aviation Portfolio

This acquisition, funded by the company’s investment arm, The Jupiter Fund (“TJF”), will bring Flight GPS into Black Mountain’s private portfolio, put TJF LPs as major stakeholders on the cap table, and allow the investment firm to continue tapping into the growing aviation technology market.

Black Mountain Investment Group Introduces Youngest Fund Managers in the Industry

BMIG is committed to providing a truly unparalleled experience to clients by getting to know their needs and offering hands-on management, technologically advanced solutions, clear communication, and home-grown investment and operational strategies to help maximize value, profits, and impact.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Continues Downtrend? Traders' Thoughts

It’s pretty clear now that we’re at the beginning of the next bull cycle. Watch the price chart: there’s an uptrend from the bottom of the market on December 15th, and so far it’s been respected. That hammer candle just nailed it in, 8 months later. 

Ethereum price and the potential flippening with Bitcoin

The above chart from, kyer, of TradingView shows strong Ethereum accumulation around $2,500 with a very bullish snake being painted on the chart. It’s a long way back up to the local top and a new ETH all-time high but the crypto market moves swiftly.

Bitcoin Cash price set to approach $515

The trading view analyst kyer believes that the cryptocurrency is set to approach the $515 mark. The cryptocurrency is currently on the path to $515 as it stood near the $473 mark at the time when kyer posted this predictive analysis.

Bitcoin Cash Price Falls to $315

The Trading View analyst Kyer is of the opinion that the BCHUSD pair will rise above the $350 mark next. The analyst highlighted the 99-Day Moving Average (MA) and the 200-Day Moving Average (MA) technical indicators, while they explained that a golden cross might occur up ahead.

Bitcoin price moves towards $11,600, rise above $12,000 next?

The Bitcoin price fell towards the 100-Day Moving Average (100MA) that lay near $11400 on the 7th of August. Kyer, the Trading View analyst, is of the opinion that BTC price will rise above $12000 next. Bitcoin was observed trading at $11628.06 US Dollars at the time of writing.

Litecoin price falls to $63, what to expect?

The Litecoin priceline gradually made its way down its charts on the 18th of August. 

The Trading View analyst Kyer believes that the LTCUSD pair will rise towards the $80 mark as the cryptocurrency recently observed a double bottom pattern.

Litecoin price prediction: LTC towards $56

The Trading View analyst Kyer believes that the LTC price will rise towards higher resistances in a long-term bullish movement. Per the Litecoin price prediction, the cryptocurrency will eventually test the $56 resistance. Litecoin has held this support for a long while, and it is now expected to move upwards to test higher resistances.

Ethereum price prediction: ETH onto $400

Ethereum has secured a monthly resistance near the $370 mark. The coin had been exploring support levels between the $330 to $370 range for a long time. The Trading View analyst Kyer expects the price to continue to its ascending move towards the $415 level. The three target prices were laid at $385, $400, and $416.

Litecoin price prediction: LTC looks to approach $56

The cryptocurrency has been observed testing resistances over the past weeks. The coin finally moved above the $50 mark after prolonged anticipation for it to cross over. A similar idea by the analyst Kyer suggests that the cryptocurrency is heading towards the $56.33 mark under an ascension move.

Bitcoin Cash price prediction: BCH to $305 next

The BCH price appears to have confirmed bottom support near the $213 mark, and now it’s ascending towards the top. The range was defined by Kyer between the $213 and $305 marks. Bitcoin Cash has been supported by the $213 to $222.5 support structure ever since it fell during the first week of September.

Ethereum price prediction: ETH to step past $388

ETH was varying above a monthly resistance for the past 10 days. Kyer expected the ETH price to test higher resistances near the $385, $401, and $415 levels. If Ethereum continues holding above the monthly resistance, the price will test the $385 resistance. On the 19th of October, the ascension allowed the cryptocurrency to move towards the nearest resistance near $385.

Ripple price prediction: XRP to hit $0.258

The XRP price saw a ruffled price pattern between the $0.242 and $0.250 levels on the 20th of October. Kyer’s Ripple price prediction depicts that the price will soon make its way towards the $0.258 level. The price was seen at the day’s high of The cryptocurrency was priced at $0.248 at the time of writing. Ripple price fell as low as $0.242 in the past 24-hours but mostly stayed above the $0.243 mark.

Ripple price prediction: XRP looks to reach $0.26 again

Kyer stated that XRP observed a huge price correction after August, and a descending channel formed on the charts. Recently, Ripple regained the $0.245 support, and it has been trading above it for a while now. The cryptocurrency’s market sentiments have allowed the coin to gain a bullish momentum over the days. The coin is expected to ascend above higher resistances to reach the $0.299 level.

Ethereum price prediction: ETH looks eager for $470

ETH has been trading over the monthly support ever since, and ETH recently broke out of the $385 region and stabilized over $400. The next resistances are marked at $444, $469, and then $498. Kyer believes that the bullish momentum that Ethereum holds will allow it to head towards the top of the valley (on the chart) and hit the $470 mark soon. After hitting the top, the analyst expects a reevaluation of what’s next for Ethereum.

Ripple price prediction: XRP to hit $0.2994

The Ripple price prediction by Kyer suggests a move towards the $0.2994 level. The cryptocurrency rose to the $0.29 mark on November 16th, and the current flash rise at the time of writing suggests that the prediction may be right. Per the setup shown below, we can see that the price has formed a monthly support level near $0.245. The bottom of the trade setup lies at $0.229, and the altcoin has been trading above an ascending trend line that has led it towards the monthly resistance.

Litecoin price prediction: Altcoin to rise towards $94

Alongside other altcoins, Litecoin too has made significant moves towards the upside over the past month. The cryptocurrency has risen to the $90 level from the $50 mark in just over a month. For its next move, Kyer expects the price to hit $95. The price now trades above the $80.18 resistance-turned-support, and the price is expected to rise towards $95. The top of the setup lies at this mark, which is also the next resistance that Litecoin will look to test.

Ripple price prediction: XRP to retest $0.75

Per Kyer’s analysis of the altcoin‘s trade market, the cryptocurrency has broken above multiple trend lines and resistances to reach for the $0.79 level. The price will continue to trend upwards and move to the top of this trade setup, as per the analyst’s suggestion. The idea shows that the cryptocurrency is still bullish and will test the higher resistances at $0.80, $0.899, and finally, the $0.940 mark next. The analyst added that the new targets would keep updated as the price continues to move upwards.

Ripple price prediction: XRP to hit $0.67 next

The Ripple price prediction by Kyer shows that the price will ascend to the $0.67 mark next. The price has seen an abrupt move towards the $0.64 mark on the evening of the 28th of November. Ripple is moving in a possible reverse head and shoulder that can cause the rise, while Bitcoin is also enjoying some stability. The XRP price observed an abrupt increase towards the $0.64 mark on the 28th of November after the price had been holding between the $0.54 and $0.56 levels for over a day.

Litecoin price prediction: LTC to hit $95

The Litecoin price prediction by Kyer shows that the cryptocurrency will move towards the $95 monthly resistance next. The cryptocurrency observed a continuous price ascension on the 30th of November, and it hit the $90 mark on the 1st of December. Bitcoin price is working wonders for Litecoin and other altcoins despite the opinion that it may not be helping the altcoin market.

Ethereum price prediction: ETH onto $550

The altcoin is above the monthly support currently, which is marked at $556. Should the altcoin continue to rise above this ascending trend line that originates from the 19th of November, the cryptocurrency will break above the falling resistance and move to the local high. The resistance zone is at $601.52 to $617.00. ETH is currently holding this falling wedge, and it needs to continue to hold the rising trend line.

Ethereum price prediction: ETH back above $600

On the other hand, per cryptocurrency analyst Kyer, the long position is headed towards the monthly resistance of $670 and above to a $687 mark. A pennant formation can also be seen in the price action of Ethereum. The formation is expected to touch down the resistance level at $677 and hopefully break out upwards. 

Litecoin price prediction: LTC to break past $200

In analyst Kyer’s Litecoin price prediction, the coin is currently seen to be striving for the 2-year valley. Litecoin has successfully crossed the 2019 high level and has established it as a support level. Litecoin’s last move towards the 2-year rally was unsuccessful and it ended up testing the 2019 high level as support. The analyst is expecting Litecoin to be successful this time. The potential target levels are $171 and $183.

Ethereum price prediction: Rise to $1390 ahead

Kyer’s analyst of the ETHUSD pair suggests a breakout of the all-time high as well, with a rise in the cryptocurrency’s price towards the $1600 mark. Per this Ethereum price prediction, the cryptocurrency is continually soaring with no signs of slowing down as of yet. The cryptocurrency has also made high hers and lows while crossing major resistances. The next target prices for this idea lie at $1358 and $1594.

Ethereum ETH price: Bullish for the next 48 to 72 hours

As for its upcoming performance, cryptocurrency analysts have generally taken an optimistic approach, with many believing Ethereum’s pricing future looks bright. Trading View analyst, kyer, has taken a cautiously optimistic approach, believing that if ETH will soar if it can break out of $470. For the time being, though, the analyst states that the price is consolidating above $385. 

Bitcoin Cash price rises to $287, what to expect?

Trading View analyst Kyer believes that the cryptocurrency will rise towards the $305 mark in the continued bullish momentum. The same trade was previously posted with an entry-level at the $267 resistance while the stop-loss was set near $280. The analyst believes that the top of the distribution zone lies at $279.2.

Litecoin price rises above $56 resistance, what's next?

The Trading View analyst Kyer is of the opinion that the LTCUSD trading pair will rise past the $60 level soon. The analyst explained that the LTCUSD pair is striving to close above the $56 resistance, which will then act as a support for the cryptocurrency. Kyer further added that once LTC reaches the $56 target price, the cryptocurrency will then move towards the $60 to $63 distribution zone.

Bitcoin Cash price rises towards $226

Kyer, the TradingView analyst, previously highlighted two entry points for the BCHUSD pair, which have been met by the trading pair. The BCHUSD pair fell below the $210 mark after crashing on the 27th of June. It was suggested that the cryptocurrency will retrace above the $222 level, with $213 and $222.5 as the entry points. The analyst stated that they entered at $219 with a stop-loss at the $218 mark.

Litecoin price treads to $42 while the market remains bearish

Kyer is a TradingView analyst who believes that the LTCUSD pair is in an accumulation phase currently. The analyst suggested that LTC will see an uptrend soon if it breaks above the $41 support level, and that they’re entering the trade with a 1$ drawdown stop-loss order.

Bitcoin Cash price trades near $255

kyer is another TradingView analyst who suggests that BCH will now retouch the $267 resistance as the price floats way above the $246 support. If Bitcoin does not see a downward rollback and holds above its current trading price, then BCH may see a rise towards the $267 resistance.

Litecoin price varies near $47.50: what's next?

Kyer is a TradingView analyst who has suggested that the cryptocurrency should see a long trading pattern towards the $50 level. At the time, the cryptocurrency trades near the $47.50 mark, and the first price target is $48.58 while the second lies at $50.67.

Bitcoin Cash price rises to $260: ascending triangle next?

kyer is another TradingView analyst who discussed that BCHUSD recently touched the $267 price target as per one of the analyst’s previous ideas. The analyst suggests that Bitcoin Cash will look towards a retouch of the $267.6 price target, while the two sell targets that were highlighted by kyer are $267.6 and $305. The analyst added that there would be tight stop losses in this trade.

Bitcoin Cash price falls to $250; holds $246 support

kyer discussed the cryptocurrency’s upward movement towards the $267 mark previously. The analyst had suggested that BCHUSD will break through the $246 resistance, after which it was expected to move towards the $267 level. The trading pair hit the $267 sell target and fell towards the $246 level, which now acts as a support for the trading pair. Below $246, the next support lies at $222.

Bitcoin Cash price meets the $267 resistance before falling to $250

kyer is a TradingView analyst who believed that the BCHUSD pair would approach the $267 mark after it had moved across the first sell target at $246. kyer further suggested that Bitcoin Cash would make its next move towards the $267 monthly resistance, and on the 2nd of June, the cryptocurrency made its way to the $267 resistance.

Bitcoin Cash price rises to $254

Kyer is a TradingView analyst who believes that the cryptocurrency will continue to hold the $267 monthly resistance instead of falling below and dumping towards the $222 support level. Bitcoin Cash hit the 1st sell target of $246.3 on 30th May. The cryptocurrency continues to trade above the sell target instead of dumping towards the $222 support level. 

Litecoin price breaks past $45 resistance; rise to 50 next?

Kyer is another TradingView analyst who believes that the cryptocurrency will see an upward movement towards the psychological resistance at $50. 

The idea is yet to come into play, while the completion of this idea also depends on the price trend followed by the cryptocurrency king, Bitcoin BTC.

Bitcoin Cash price sees bulls to $238, move to $246 next?

Kyer is a TradingView analyst who believes that Bitcoin Cash should see the $246 price level as its upcoming sell target. The idea appears to be in play as the BCHUSD trading pair continues to hold the $222 support level. The cryptocurrency’s recent movement towards the $238 mark means that BCHUSD should test the $246 resistance next.

Litecoin price breaks past the $43 resistance, move to $50 next?

Kyer is another TradingView analyst who believes that Litecoin should move towards the $50 resistance. According to the crypto analyst, the next price targets for Litecoin are $48.58 and $50.67.

Bitcoin cash price movement in close pursuit of BTC

According to Kyer’s idea, the cryptocurrency had recently made its way across the resistance that lay at the $246.3 mark and the analyst suggested that the cryptocurrency will soon break the $267 resistance.

Bitcoin Cash price falls to $224: what's next?

BCH price saw bears on the 13th of April and the price fell to the $224 level. kyer is a TradingView analyst who believes that the cryptocurrency is currently consolidating near $222 and that it will soon rise towards the $267 mark. 

Bitcoin Cash price accumulates near $222

According to the 1-Day price chart, the BCH price line has observed a decline of about 10% on the 10th of April. The TradingView analyst, kyer, believes that the cryptocurrency has shown accumulation near $222.

Bitcoin Cash price stops bleeding at $305

The Bitcoin Cash price experiences an uptrend on the 2nd of March. Kyer, a trading view analyst, believes that the cryptocurrency fell to the $305 mark after not breaking through or closing above the $515 mark.

Litecoin LTC price hovers at $60 but analysts feeling the bulls

As one analyst, Kyer notes, since the Litecoin LTC price failed to close above the weekly resistance level of $80, the move has broken down the next strongest weekly support level of $56.

Bitcoin Cash price peaks above $400

The BCH price line returns towards the $370 mark after reaching the $410 level on the 24th of February. The Trading View analyst kyer believes that the cryptocurrency has wicked at the bottom of a marked accumulation zone and the next stop for BCHUSD lies at the $435 mark.

Litecoin LTC price: community remains bullish despite minor correction

This bullish sentiment is echoed by analyst kyer. As per the analyst, the Litecoin LTC price looks poised to hit $83.43, which is where the priced landed the last time it made a move upwards.

Ripple XRP price briefly finds high above $0.30

Kyer analyzes that there is nothing to panic as the market is primed to take Ripple XRP as high as $0.33 levels by the end of this week. Kyer is further optimistic for the XRP price to hit the $0.40 mark once this week’s target is achieved.