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Master Class #1 – DCF & Financial Modeling

Learn about discounted cash flows and financial modeling from the CEO of Black Mountain Investment Group, Elijah Levine, with Ivy League students from around the world!

Business Brilliance – Innovation & Creative Thinking

CEO Elijah Levine discusses the importance of innovative thinking and creativity in the business world. Levine emphasizes how thinking outside the box and embracing new ideas can drive business success and competitive advantage. He shares insights from his own experience as a CEO, illustrating how creative problem-solving and innovative strategies have played a crucial role in his company’s growth. The talk includes practical tips for fostering an innovative mindset within teams and organizations. Levine also explores case studies of successful companies that have thrived through embracing innovation and creativity.

Casual Conversations – Real World Asset Summer

In the most recent episode of Casual Conversations, co-hosts Kyle Niedzwiecki and Eric Swartz discuss the recent turn towards bullish markets, with Kyle noting that Bitcoin is being used as an inflation hedge, which is something that has only been seen at very isolated times in the past. He also notes that Google dropped 9% and lost $200 billion in market cap value within decoupling between tech and equities in general and Bitcoin. The OG Bitcoiners’ thesis is being vindicated in real-time, and the co-hosts believe that Bitcoin is entering a new phase of maturity as a store of value or hedge against everything wrong in the world today.

Industry Stalwart BitGo’s Head of Ecosystem Talks Cap Intros

In this recent episode, Luke Hajduklewicz of BitGo and Elijah Levine of Black Mountain Investment Group discussed the changing landscape of the venture capital (VC) market in crypto. Hajduklewicz, who leads capital introductions infrastructure at BitGo and works with large funds in integrating with new ecosystems, notes that recent activity has seen small funds getting more involved in meaningful ways, bringing more value to builders. Levine, whose firm specializes in fund management and administration, notes that terms are becoming more reasonable, with interesting re-org type transactions taking place.

Casual Conversations – Artificial Intelligence & Its Impact

In this casual conversation, Black Mountain Investment Group’s Kyle Niedzwiecki and his Partner, Eric Swartz, discussed the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency market, web3, and AI. Kyle expressed his dissatisfaction with the Writer’s Guild strike, saying that it limits the efficiency of writers who can create higher quality content at a faster rate with AI technology, and clients should be able to require its use as part of writing services. He also mentioned his experience with using Fiverr for outsourcing writing services and how AI-generated content could harm domain authority and credibility. Kyle believes that everyone should be able to use AI, leveling the playing field, and creating a baseline from which to work to increase efficiency.

Casual Conversations with Black Mountain and Very Early Ventures

In the latest podcast episode hosted by Eric Swartz, listeners are treated to insightful discussions featuring key players in the web3 ecosystem. Eric is joined by friends and esteemed guests, including Jan and Kyle, early contributors with a wealth of experience in web3, and Elijah Levine, the CEO and co-founder of Black Mountain. Jan, a partner at Very Early Ventures, a web3 fund headquartered in Switzerland, takes the spotlight. Very Early Ventures specializes in supporting early-stage infrastructure and applications within the web3 realm.

Casual Conversations – US Courts Support web3 Innovation

In this episode, Eric Swartz and Kyle Niedzwiecki discuss recent regulatory outcomes in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The Ripple case, which may be similar to jury nullification, and the GBTC case are discussed. The case set a precedent for the industry, and the upcoming release of a spot Bitcoin ETF also made its way into conversation. The two speakers emphasize the importance of complying with KYC, AML, and tax reporting regulations for web3 projects in the United States. While the video highlights recent developments in the space, speakers also express excitement for the future of decentralized finance and cryptocurrency trading.

Casual Conversations with Black Mountain CEO Elijah Levine

Eric Swartz and Elijah Levine discuss a range of topics related to his work with Black Mountain, while also commenting on trends and developments within the technology industry more broadly. Throughout the video, Eric and Elijah share their thoughts on the difficulties of running an investment management business, particularly in the cryptocurrency space. Elijah emphasizes the importance of strong partnerships, discipline, and careful decision-making, as well as the need for thoughtfulness and being able to identify long-term opportunities. As for the concept of generational thinking in vesting, Eric encourages viewers to educate themselves about web3 and to think about the massive societal changes that are taking place in the world, rather than simply focusing on short-term trends.

Black Mountain CEO Elijah Levine Speaks on Titans of Today

On this captivating episode of Titans of Today, we sit down with the brilliant and charismatic Elijah Levine, a pioneer in the fields of finance and technology. Dive into an insightful conversation as we explore the paradigm shifts occurring in capital markets, driven by emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI. Elijah shares his unique perspective on how these innovations are disrupting traditional financial models, creating new opportunities for investment, and shaping the future of global economic systems.

Black Mountain CEO Elijah Levine Speaks on #PopHealth Show

Elijah Levine recently appeared as a guest speaker on the popular podcast #PodHealth. In this episode, Elijah shared his insights and expertise on the world of finance and investments, particularly in the healthcare sector. Listeners were captivated by Elijah’s knowledgeable and engaging delivery, and his insights provided valuable insights into his world and upbringing to the point where he’s at now. It’s clear that Elijah’s expertise and experience will continue to make him a sought-after speaker in the world of finance and investments.

Black Mountain CEO Elijah Levine Speaks on Crypto Monday Panel

Check out the most recent Crypto Monday panel where our CEO, Elijah Levine, speaks alongside Tyler Jennings and Tyler Morrey while Robbie Law and the audience ask them questions. They talk about the current state of the markets, the upcoming Ethereum Merge, how to protect yourself in every market condition, and more. Thank you Velvet and Blockcities for hosting these events! 

Black Mountain Partners Discuss Advancements in Cryptocurrencies

Welcome to Episode 1 of “The New Internet” podcast, where we dive deep into the exciting world of web3 and explore the latest developments in the industry. In this episode, we are joined by special guests Kyle Niedzwiecki and Elijah Levine, experts and partners from Black Mountain Investment Group, to discuss the advancements in the cryptocurrency sector.


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