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A Glance Inside the Mountain

Company Mission, Vision and Goals


To generate significant alpha for investors and partners by working with and investing in incredible people and projects building and operating innovative, value-producing assets that provide tangible solutions to society’s most challenging problems.


To build and manage the world’s best businesses.


To create a brighter, more collaborative, technologically advanced future for our generation and those to come after us. We value establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships and providing our partners with honest, well-earned value. A leading principle of our company is to constantly learn, evaluate, iterate, and improve.

“The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.”


A Glance Inside the Mountain

Company Mission, Vision and Goals

MISSION & Vision

To generate significant alpha for investors and partners by working with and investing in incredible people and projects building and operating innovative, value-producing assets that provide tangible solutions to society’s most challenging problems. 

Our vision is to create a brighter, more collaborative, technologically advanced future by being visionary, high-touch, heavily integrated capital allocators, managers, and operators that work with incredible people, companies, and organizations to help them achieve their goals, amplify their vision, and reach their potential.


To build a more collaborative, sustainable, and innovative future for our generation and those to come after us. We place a strong emphasis on serving our investors and partners by creating, operating, and investing in phenomenal assets. We value establishing long-term relationships and providing our partners with honest, well-earned value. A leading principle of our company is that we are constantly learning, self-evaluating, and working to improve.

“The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.”

Our Co-Founders

Elijah Levine Profile Picture

Elijah Levine


Kyle Niedzwiecki Profile Picture for Black Mountain

Kyle Niedzwiecki

CTO, The Jupiter Fund PM

Black Mountain Partners

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Sam Levine

CRO, BMIG Aviation CEO

Thawon Preyawan

Co-Founder, Head Quantitative Trader

Board of Advisors

Kirk Posmantur

Chairman of the Board

Joseph Russo


Our History

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Recent Years

The Proof is in the Numbers


In 2021, Black Mountain Investment Group experienced significant growth and solidified its position as a leading investment firm. The company continued to expand its portfolio and onboard new clients, resulting in substantial increases in assets under management. Overall, a successful year and are well-positioned for continued growth in the years to come.

 Key Highlights:

  • Establishing the company and building a strong team of investment professionals and analysts.
  • Built a reputation as a trusted and reliable investment firm with a commitment to transparency and ethical business practices.
  • Put proper accounting principles / investment tracking in place before accepting capital.


In 2022, Black Mountain Investment Group continued to thrive and set new milestones. Our investment portfolio performed exceptionally well, delivering strong returns for our clients. The company also made significant investments in technology, further enhancing the user experience on our proprietary platform and allowing us to better serve the needs of our clients.

 Key Highlights:

  • Growing a diversified portfolio of high-quality investment opportunities across multiple asset classes
  • Opened the Company Headquarters in Utah
  • Continuously investing in technology to stay ahead of industry trends and provide the best possible investment experience for our clients
  • The Jupiter Fund ended the year  +4%


Black Mountain Investment Group had a strong start to 2023, building on the successes of the previous two years. Our investment portfolio continued to perform well, delivering robust returns for our clients. The company also made significant investments in research and development to stay ahead of industry trends and meet the changing needs of our clients.

 Key Highlights:

  • Launching a proprietary investment platform to track investor capital
  • Reaching significant milestones in assets under management and total returns generated for our investors.
  • Expanding with new Partners, Advisors, Portfolio Companies, and our Quantitative Trading Team
  • Achieving steady and consistent returns for our investors, The Jupiter Fund is up over 100% YTD


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Black Mountain and how did it get started?

Black Mountain Investment Group (BMIG) is an investment manager that was founded by three young entreprenuers wanting to make a difference in the world through investing. Before founding BMIG with Thawon Preyawan and Elijah Levine, Kyle Niedzwiecki studied blockchain/DeFi for years and began investing in Ethereum around 2017 (previously had invested in DOGE and LTC). Inspired by the technology and capability of wealth creation, Kyle started a free educational community for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies and stocks. Since Easy Loot’s founding in 2019, it has gained a respectful following and generated millions of dollars for its members via free signals sent out on a nearly daily basis.

Through building the community, Kyle met Thawon and introduced him to cryptocurriencies, specifically, trading these assets using technical analysis. Thawon became and avid crypto trader and learner; using only a modest amount of money he had earned by working at his parent’s restaurant, Thawon leveraged cryptos (with dilligent downside protection) to create more wealth for himself than many see before the retirement. Thawon and the rest of the BMIG team are constantly working to learn more and improve their skillsets and knowledge bases.

Elijah moved in with Kyle after deciding to take a leave of absence from The Wharton School of Business to work full time in Private Equity Real Estate with Bridge Investment Group in Salt Lake City, and ever since the three have been working to build companies aimed at improving the investing experience for everybody from those just beginning to extremely sophisticated investors. 

What sort of investments does Black Mountain target?

Black Mountain aims to invest in value-producing assets in any industry at any point in their lifetime. We invest out of The Jupiter Fund and through our balance sheet when there are clear market dislocations and we are able to purchase assets below their underlying fair value.

What services does Black Mountain offer?

“Black Mountain Investment Group is a business manager/advisor that helps people start, grow, and efficiently scale their businesses. Black Mountain aims to achieve superior returns by creating, managing, advising, and investing in companies that are working to make a positive impact on society.”

Our conglomorate builds in-house and partners with industry professionals to provide a number of services including but not limited to: company and fund creation, financial modeling, analysis, and planning, portfolio management, website design and creation, accounting, workflow, and operational consulting, data science and engineering, strategic planning, web3 emergence, NFT platforming, crypto onboarding/transactions, process improvement, and more.

What makes you different than other investment managers?

Black Mountain Investment Group is a US-based company that provides managerial support to private, unregistered investment vehicles and companies of all shapes and sizes. We aim to provide a truly unparallelled experience for our clients by getting to know their needs and offering hands on management, technologically advanced solutions, clear communication, and home-grown investment and operational strategies to help maxmize value, profits, and imact. BMIG’s limited historical performance has been proven to be successful and the ever-improving (and growing) team has achieved some exceptional things for their respective ages. We take time everyday to perform in depth market research to ensure that we meet or surpass the levels of of our competitors. This ongoing dilligence provides us with the insight to continually improve upon our portfolio and client services to ensure we continue to offer the best possible performance for our clients.

What is The Jupiter Fund's Investment Thesis?

The Jupiter Fund LP is an actively managed moonshot emerging tech fund with an emphasis on the crypto space but the capabilities, infrastructure, and expertise to reach many different markets. The main strategy behind TJF is purchasing value-producing assets at attractive prices and protecting downside by actively managing the fund. TJF Managers have meaningful experience and success with identifying the best assets and allocating capital accordingly. After conducting thorough due diligence across markets, we invest in assets that we are confident hold strong underlying value and will stand the test of time. Our experience in the space combined with our agile and comprehensive approach allows us to analyze and capitalize on opportunities across a diverse set of markets and give our investors exposure to outstanding assets in the emerging technology space.



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